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Benefits of Hands and Feet Reflexology

How Do I Get Results with Reflexology?

Reflexology Foot Chart

Reflexology Foot Chart

The natural healing method of Reflexology is an ancient technique that helps promote energy, balance and overall well-being. If only a gentle touch filled with love and care can make you feel relaxed, then imagine the ultimate effect that you will get in our Day Spa from a professional Reflexologist.

For best results, apply reflexology techniques to targeted reflex areas consistently. This can be accomplished with self reflexology techniques, those applied by family as well as with the guidance of the professional reflexologist.

You yourself can most easily provide reflexology work frequently and consistently, using self applied techniques to break up the stress patterns in your feet and hands. Apply pressure simply using a foot roller or, for the hands, a golf ball. Think morning, noon and night.

Build Reflexology Into Your Life.

In Reflexology the hands and feet are viewed as maps of the entire body.  By applying pressure and stimulating specific reflex points on the hands or feet, that correspond to organs in the body, this therapy can help relieve tension, improve circulation and restore balance.

It is easy to do reflexology while doing other activities. Put a foot roller under your desk at work, use a golf ball on your hands while waiting for the kids at school or do either while watching television.

Be creative in how and where you apply techniques but be consistent. Reflexology applied by family or friends provides several benefits: application of pressure techniques, non-invasive touch and an opportunity to visit.

Loretta our Brandon FL, Reflexologist can provide you with a relaxing hands and feet massage Reflexology experience, as well as educate you in how to do it yourself.

Please schedule an appointment or call 813-655-8886 for more information about Reflexology.

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