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Permanent Make Up, Eyeliner, Eyebrows, Lip Liner, Areola Pigmentation

Permanent Make Up Technique:

Permanent Make Up, Brandon Florida

Permanent make up is also known as "micropigmentation".

Permanent Make Up is a non-surgical cosmetic technique sometimes referred to as permanent cosmetics, cosmetic tattooing or micropigmentation – it is a technique in which individually customized blended color pigments are implanted below the epidermis (outer layer of the skin) for cosmetic and/or corrective enhancement.

Permanent Make Up basically is a tattooing process and is used to enhance the natural features of the face defined in the form of permanent eyebrows, permanent eyeliner and or permanent lip liner; to improve conditions like scarring and uneven pigmentation; or to reconstruct the nipple/areola breast area.

Taking Advantage of Permanent Make Up

Our licensed permanent make up Esthetician Nooshin has performed many permanent make up procedures, she is a true perfectionist when it comes to applying the right shape and color to women’s faces. She is using the hand method which allows total control over pigment placement, producing a fine natural look.  Nooshin offers free permanent make up consultation for men and women who want to know more about the beauty of permanent make up enhancement. Learn more in our Article: Permanent Make Up by Nooshin.

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Permanent Make Up Treatments, Brandon FL

Permanent Eyeliner Enhancement

Eyeliner defines and enhances the beauty of the eyes. It makes the lashes appear thicker, even when mascara is not worn. Professionally applied, it gives balance to the entire face.

Permanent Eyeliner, Brandon FL Permanent Eyeliner is delicately applied with a sterile applicator made specifically for fine, detailed facial work, utilizing the micro-pigmentation process. Color is applied along both the upper and lower lash lines, creating a defined but soft radiance around the eyes.
Upper Lids $225 | Lower Lids $225
Upper and Lower Lids $400

Permanent Eyebrows Enhancement

Your eyebrows are the most important feature of your face. They frame the eyes and give the face expression.

Permanent Eyebrows, Brandon FL We study your face and its unique bone structure and the shape and contours of your eyebrows. Then, corrections in their symmetry and enhancements to their shape are drawn in with pencil. Brows are filled in with natural-looking strokes by the permanent eyebrows process.
Permanent Eyebrows $400
Permanent Eyebrows Hairstroke Technique $450

Permanent Lip Liner Enhancement

The shape and color of your lips can add to your appearance of good health and natural beauty. Imagine, having lips that are a rich, healthy color and appear fuller and more sensual.

Permanent Lip Liner, Brandon FL Lip color may be applied either as a liner only, or on the entire lip surface by the permanent lip liner process. The lip liner color may blend in gradually to the full lip color, or a bolder color may be chosen for the liner. Color for the permanent lip liner and the full lip color is chosen by you in consultation with Nooshin our licensed Esthetician.
Lip Liner $450 | Full Lip Enhancement $550

Areola Pigmentation (Tattooing)

At our Day Spa & Skin Care Center, the medical micropigmentation process is used to improve the aesthetic appearance of the nipple areola complex after reconstructive breast surgery.

The application of flesh-colored pigments to the restored areas of the areola may be utilized either as a supplement or as a less invasive alternative to the skin-grafting. The medical micro-pigmentation procedure is also used in restoring pigment balance that is lost with aging.
Areola Pigmentation  uni-lateral $325 | bi-lateral $600

Yearly Touch-Up $150

Since permanent color pigments does fade over time, most clients have their color touched up anywhere from 12-24 months. One permanent make up Touch-Up is included 4 weeks after the initial visit.

Day Spa, Derm Aroma

Day Spa & Skin Care Derm Aroma, Owner Nooshin Magsoodi Nooshin Magsoodi

is a leader in the field of Permanent Cosmetics. She has been a professional Makeup Artist for 18 years and is providing her Permanent Makeup and Day Spa & Skin Care Services in Brandon FL and the greater Tampa Bay Area. Please have a look at our YouTube Video.

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