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Healthy Skin Maintenance

There is a reason why the USPA skincare range is the best selling brand is twelve countries and is only available from the most exclusive spas and beauty salons.

Created in Australia and based on the unique healing properties of selected plant extracts, the USPA range is designed to achieve remarkable results.

However, its uniqueness is not solely dependent on the healing properties of plants. The USPA range also draws on the latest in skincare technology, blending science and botanical ingredients to provide skin with the best in modern skincare. uspa skin care

In salons, USPA treatments are much more than standard skin cleansing programmes. The carefully selected ingredients in the USPA range are specifically selected to work with the energies of the therapists’ hands. This means that the USPA treatments are deeply sensual and luxurious sensory rituals that incorporate Balinese body palming and facial balancing.

As well cleansing, detoxifying and rejuvenating skin, USPA treatments leave the body, mind and spirit in harmony and revitalised. There are many USPA treatments to choose from. The product range includes mud therapy, cell therapy, complex serums, hair care, body care, sun care and men skincare products.

For example, the mud therapy range is based on the unique cleansing properties of clay, which have been known for centuries and have been specially blended in a powerful mix of earth and oils to create a range of deep cleansing creams. The USPA cell therapy range is design to heal and improve skin’s condition by combating excessive oiliness, dehydration, sensitivity or sun damage.

The complex serums are elixirs designed for use on hands and face. They are created with a select blend of essential oils and vitamin E. If you would like more information on USPA or would like to make an appointment for a treatment, click here to find a spa today.

Facial Peeling Treatment – Better Results with Image Skin Care

Brandon FL, Day Spa Derm Aroma - Facial TreatmentImage skincare is an exclusive line of skincare products available at our Day Spa located in Brandon, FL used by our Skin Care Specialist for facial treatments.

The products work at a cellular level eradicating blemishes, pigmentation and fine lines to create a smooth and youthful looking complexion. Some of the active ingredients in the Image Skincare range include glycolic and lactic acid which are the properties that aid the regeneration of the skin.

This skincare range includes peels that work on the epidermal layer of the skin and deeper peels that work on the dermal layer, penetrating under the skin’s surface. One of the more gentle peels which works on the superficial level of the skin helps to treat dehydration, sensitive and aging skin.

The skincare specialist begins the facial peel with the Vital C cleanser to remove dead skin cells and open up pores. A peel is then applied containing papaya and active mango, which work to aid cellular regeneration. The peel is applied and left on the face for five minutes.

Following the removal of the facial peel a soothing mask containing organic aloe vera is applied to keep the skin calm and free from irritation. After it is washed off Hyaluronic acid is used to pump the skin with hydration. Finally the cocktail of the balancing anti-oxidant serum and anti-oxidant enhancer under the solar defense moisturiser leaves the skin bright and hydrated while feeling baby soft.

Experts agree that although the key to healthy skin does start with a good home care routine along with the right products, only specialised skincare treatments such as chemical peels have the power to guarantee results and truly youthful looking skin.

Visit our Facial & Skin Care Menu or contact us today to make an appointment for an Image peel with one of our experienced estheticians..

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